Yaucono Ground Coffee Can 10 oz 2 Pack

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Yaucono Puerto Rican Ground Coffee 10 oz Can Directly from Puerto Rico, hand picked and hand selected beans, toasted to perfection.

Yaucono Can Ground coffee is over 100 years in the making. It strong aroma medium roast. It's exquisite flavor enlivens and cheers you up.



Yaucono is an iconic brand which represents both our coffee culture and tradition. For decades it has been the number #1 coffee of choice for most Puerto Rican households. Smooth and balanced, Yaucono’s hand picked beans are toasted to a perfect roast and processed to an ultra fine grind resulting in its exquisite taste. “¡Por el gustito yo lo sé, Yaucono es el mejor café!” (One taste and you will know, the best coffee is Yaucono!)Tasting profile: It has the perfect medium-tasting roast mixed with prime coffee. Balanced flavors; smooth and balanced. Its careful preparation and taste has made it the favorite for generations. Available in regular, decaf, instant and espresso.

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Weight 28.8 oz
Dimensions 11.6 × 11 × 7.4 in